STEIN Ingenieure GmbH - CoJack - Qualitätssicherung von Rohrvortrieben

Spannungsverteilung am Druckübertragungsring

Nachweise in Richtung der Rohrachse: Spannungsverteilung am Druckübertragungsring beim Rohrvortrieb

The animation shows a jacking with a starting- and a target shaft, a microtunnelling machine and the single pipes presented in a condensed way. Here the rectangle in the presentation of the pipe string marks the pipe joint looked at which of two end faces of the pipes and the pressure transfer ring lying between them. The pressure transfer ring is presented exaggeratedly regarding its thickness. The elastic part of the compression, by which the pressure transfer ring re-deforms when released, is presented yellow. The rest persists as a plastic deformation. In the corresponding diagram the particular corresponding stress distribution, which does not proceed linearly, is presented.

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